Ken Prokuski, MBA

Board of Directors

Ken Prokuski is an experienced senior level executive with over forty years of experience in both high tech and biotechnology. Ken has leadership experience from start up through multi-billion dollar enterprises, both domestically and multiple international assignments. He is currently part of BioInfleXion Point Partners, LLC, leading early stage life science companies through start up to exit. Prior to BioinfleXion Point Partners Ken was Senior Vice President of Operations at Complete Genomics Inc, the leading whole genome sequencing company. He has held senior leadership positions at such companies as Motorola, Toshiba, Millipore, and Applied Biosystems. He has served on the board of the Santa Fe Alliance for Science, Santa Fe Book Arts Group, and the New Mexico Bioscience Authority and continues as a board member of Currents New Media and co-founder of Sandbox Music.

Ken has a BA from Northeastern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from Golden Gate University. Ken is a native of Chicago. After spending 25 years in the Bay Area he and his wife moved to Santa Fe in 2008 while Ken continues to work with organizations domestically and internationally. Since moving to Santa Fe Ken continues to work in local public school STEM education in addition to involvement in various local community activities. Ken is a musician, poet, artist, and experimental music performer and promoter.

Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible for a man who refuses to listen to reason.” – Gary Halbert

You'd be surprised to learn that ... Ken attended the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, but not as a delegate.