Generatio Scientist Visits EquiSeq

Dr. Melissa Cox, a scientist at Generatio, visited with Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Paul Szauter at EquiSeq's office in Albuquerque. Dr. Cox was visiting for a friend's wedding, and made time for a two-hour discussion of scientific work at Generatio GmbH.

Dr. Cox reviewed the results of a survey of horse owners exploring symptoms in over 2,000 tested horses. A first analysis of the results appeared to show a statistical association of most of the variants with particular symptoms. With additional work, this study is expected to be ready for peer review in early 2024.

Drs. Cox and Szauter also discussed ongoing work at EquiSeq using cell culture, a yeast assay, and experiments in zebrafish aimed at discovering the effects of specific variants on the proteins encoded by COL6A3, MYOZ3, PYROXD1, and FLNC.

The meeting was a reunion for the two scientists, who overlapped at The Jackson Laboratory years ago. When EquiSeq began marketing its tests, Dr. Cox reached out about the possibility of licensing EquiSeq's genetic tests. The conversation moved from email to a first phone call, where the two discovered that they had both been employed at The Jackson Laboratory at the same time. Dr. Cox recalled attended a workshop in bioinformatics taught by Dr. Szauter.

Scientists at EquiSeq have been in regular contact with scientists at Generatio since 2017, and look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the years to come.