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Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 2020 was a great month for horse owners seeking to understand muscle disease.

Eden River Equestrian interviewed Paul Szauter, EquiSeq’s Chief Scientific Officer, for episode 86 of their Come Along for the Ride podcast. In the interview, Dr. Szauter talked about the effects of the genetic variants that are included in EquiSeq’s Myopathy Panel, with an emphasis on symptoms that will be evident to horse owners.

He specifically recommended a video on PSSM & MFM Symptoms at canter by Christine Lola Mahon of the PSSM & MFM Awareness Group on Facebook.

After the podcast was aired, Christine Lola Mahon posted a detailed video showing the progression of PSSM2/MFM, The Harsh Reality of PSSM2.

The Equine Extension Program at the University of Minnesota hosted a set of four seminars by Dr. Molly McCue of the Equine Genetics and Genomics Laboratory. The seminars were held as Facebook Live events. Horse owners watching in real time were able to post questions and comments. The seminars are available as Facebook videos as listed below.

Part 1 Introduction to Muscle Disease

Part 2 PSSM

Part 3 RER & MFM

Part 4 HYPP & IMM

Dr. McCue encouraged horse owners to participate in the University of Minnesota muscle disease study. Please see their FAQs or contact Kendall Blanchard at with questions.

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