Lexi Palmer-The Real Albuquerque- On EquiSeq

The Girl that Did, well after this episode it should be the girl that is doing. This week we have a really fun episode with the amazing, Lexi Palmer of EquiSeq. There are a lot of reasons to go out on your own and build a business, Lexi Palmer isn’t in it for the glory instead she is in to bringing value to the equestrian community. Building something that transcends yourself, time and space is truly amazing. That is how Lexi Palmer rolls. She is all about helping the community and helping future horses’ owners find their healthy best friends one DNA marker at a time. We are excited to see where Lexi Palmer and EquiSeq take the equestrian DNA sequencing to. One of the quotes we love from Lexi Palmer is, “Anybody can ride perfectly, but it is how you adapt to the mistakes and missteps and that what is going to make you successful.”

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