EquiSeq and Haw Creek Animal Hospital Join Fundraiser for Wilderwood Equine Therapy and Rescue


Albuquerque, New Mexico

EquiSeq and Haw Creek Animal Hospital will join a charity fundraising effort for Wilderwood Equine Therapy and Rescue. EquiSeq will donate 10% of sales for the entire month of September 2021 to Wilderwood. Haw Creek Animal Hospital, in Asheville, North Carolina, stages a Labor Day Charity fundraiser every year, and this year will donate to Wilderwood from Labor Day sales.

Wilderwood’s equine-assisted programs are an innovative and integrative approach designed for autistic adults and children (aged 8 and up) to strengthen authentic self-perception, self-possibility, and self-realization through mind/body interoceptive and somatic understanding combined with the philosophy of Hautism, which embraces and celebrates the innate connection between horses and autistic people.

Wilderwood also rescues unwanted horses, provides them a lifetime loving home, and educates the community about horses and autism.

EquiSeq became aware of Wilderwood when the charity agreed to adopt Lady Faith, a horse that has been part of EquiSeq’s research program for several years.

Please watch this outstanding video about Wilderwood.

Anyone wishing to donate to Wilderwood can reach out directly. Donations are tax-deductible. EquiSeq and Haw Creek Animal Hospital will publicly disclose their combined charity donation before the end of October.

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