Free Testing Expands Standardbred Genetics Research


Albuquerque, New Mexico

EquiSeq has expanded its research program on the genetics of Standardbreds by offering free testing to owners of purebred horses. Standardbred owners in the United States can receive EquiSeq’s Myopathy Panel at no cost. 

Standardbred owners received consent forms and sample kits beginning in December 2021, expanding an earlier survey of the breed.

Cumulative data on over 75 Standardbreds show that the breed appears to be free of the P3 (FLNC), P4 (MYOZ3), and P8 (PYROXD1) genetic variants. Standardbreds have a high incidence of the P2 (MYOT) and K1 (COL6A3) genetic variants.

Current research is focused on identifying Standardbreds that are homozygous for the K1 variant (K1/K1). These horses, along with n/K1 horses and n/n controls, will undergo veterinary examinations to increase our understanding of the disease state.

Human patients with Bethlem Myopathy or Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy have comparable mutations in COL6A3.

Owners of Standardbreds in the United States can participate in the study by sending an email to EquiSeq’s Chief Scientific Officer, Paul Szauter (, giving their postal mailing address and the number of Standardbreds that they have. They will receive consent forms and hair sample packs.

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